Plays Well With Others…

Chamber music and other collaboration for the solo artist can not only provide more opportunity, but become a well source of creative drive.  I have been exploring these new configurations involving the piano much over the last couple of years to great reward both personally and professionally.

The impetus of performance with others usually is centered around the project itself:  the repertoire or program idea, personnel, resources and venue possibles.  The essence that comes out of the process of getting the final product ready is deep, and well worth the efforts of all involved.

The biggest challenge and rightfully so, is that of creating a collective association with common (and unique) goals addressed among the members of a group.   Every person will bring their craft, their personality and experience to the table.  How to bring forth the best possible outcome for everyone can be daunting, yet possible.

Some tools that help this formative process along are:  Regular meeting and communication between members, all ideas can be equally expressed and can illicit dialog, work with each individual’s strengths and focus less on weaknesses.  Management of program content and other agency issues may lie with others or individuals, but the collective goals should be maintained.

The bottom line is that an event structured around strongly soloistic people, program and goals can be quite entertaining and fulfilling for the public, presenters and the performers; if done in forthright manner similar to that set forth in this post.

Happy music making and holiday season to all who read this post!

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